New Ford Transit Connect is van for every type of customer

The 2017 Ford Transit Connect van is a van that lies between a business van and a family van and offers the eventual compact van experience with a smooth, athletic interior, grand exterior looks, powerful performance, solid fuel-competence and civilized handling. It comes equipped with all the required safety equipment and most modern technological features that make it an ideal vehicle for all types of buyers. Ford claims that 2017 Transit will have a choice of 64 configurations which is 6 more than last year.

The current model has undergone a complete redesign in 2015 and now, the redesigned model has to face some of the major competitors in the industry, such as Nissan NV200, Chevrolet City Express, and RAM ProMaster. The new model Transit Connect will be released with three trim levels, such as Titanium, XLT and XL with the short wheelbase and long wheelbase options.

2017 Ford Transit front 1

2017 Ford Transit Connect Changes

The redesigned Ford Transit Connect 2017 is going to borrow most of its external features from the Ford Escape and Ford Explorer crossover sport utility vehicles, including the front grille, LED, and xenon lights. The new vehicle is agile, flexible and very sneaky in tight corners, at the same time as offering sufficient towing capacity and payload to meet the requirements of small and family business owners all over the world.

The new Transit will be offered with a set of easy-to-clean aluminum-alloy wheels with locking haul nuts with the gross vehicle weight rating, which is less than 9,500 lbs (approx 4318 kg). Curb weight goes from 3,650 to 3,968 lbs. The front wheels of the vehicle are equipped with molded wheel well liners, as well.
The new vehicle comes with a wider traveler-side power running board, without double sliding doors on the sides. The vehicle now comes with factory-configured up-fitters as an option, which can effortlessly activate the backstop lamp and the back turn signal to operate separately. This change is widespread for certain occupational uses, such as school buses and ambulances, and for separating the illuminating functionality on the new Transit used to require a visit to a Ford trader to rearrange the Body Control Module.

2017 Ford Transit front


This time, the 2017 Ford Transit interior is going to get many updates. It comes with a low-silhouette center console alternative for delivery drivers and others who would like easier access to walking from the cabin to the rear of the vehicle. This feature makes it simpler for fleets to set up computer equipment in the center console region, as well.

The new van comes with a seven-seat cabin with the heated front traveler and driver seats, upholstered in cloth as standard and leather as an option. The number of seats on big cargo vans and passenger vans is 8, 12 and 15. Other seats inside the cabin are designed in ten adjustable ways with the power-adjustable feature upholstered in leather or cloth. The entire Transit lineup come equipped with high-capacity up-fitter switches, which are improved with two battery hot outputs, two amplified amperage outputs, and two un-switched outputs. This time, the output connector has been shifted to an easy-to-access place at the back of the glove box, in retort to up-fitter requests.

The upgraded switches include an auxiliary fuse box, a heavy-duty alternator, modified vehicle wiring system, double heavy-duty batteries and a fresh interface connector that offers read-only CAN access, including various signals useful to up-fitters. This includes the power supply, powertrain start and run, door ajar, stop lamp, turn indicators, handbrake engagement and vehicle speed.
For entertainment to passengers, the base acoustic system has been updated with four powerful speakers with a woofer and a tweeter. All cutaway models of the new 2017 Ford Transit Connect wagon will be equipped with a rearview mirror. Standard LED lighting within the cabin has been improved for enhanced cargo area visibility during loading and unloading.

2017 Ford Transit interior

2017 Ford Transit Connect Engines

The 2017 Transit is expected to be powered by a couple of different engines. Accordingly, The first drive-train that will be a V6 unit with the displacement of 3.7 liters. This DOHC engine will deliver 275 ponies and 353Nm lb-ft of torque respectively. This powertrain can be operated with LPG or CNG. There is 3.2 liters diesel engine variant with 185 horsepower and 474 Nm respectively.

The next powertrain is expected to be a V6 unit, with 2.5 liters. This is also a DOHC, it has 169 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. All engines will have a six-speed automatic transmission. There is no official data about fuel consumption, but as soon as we get the info you will know it. Furthermore, the new Ford Transit Connect 2017 van will be offered with a special towing package that offers the vehicle the maximum towing capacity of 2000 pounds (909 kg).

Base price and the date of release

The release date of 2017 Ford Transit Connect will be available for sale during t last quarter of 2016 with the preliminary cost for Cargo Van of $22,900 and Wagon from $25,585.

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