Spied 2018 BMW i8 stronger than ever

The BMW i8 was first introduced to the market in 2014 and it is going to get its primary update for the model year 2018. This time, the all-new 2018 BMW i8 is expected to get notable updates in its engine section with the introduction of a more powerful hybrid engine that that of its predecessor. The new i8 will get a new technological battery charging system, known as the Halo inductive system. This is a wireless system designed by Qualcomm, the collaborator of BMW. The new model i8 also comes with an improved suspension system and a set of lightweight wheels, made from carbon fiber material. Overall, the redesigned i8 would be an improved hi-tech vehicle, showing the hybrid abilities of BMW.

2018 BMW i8 spy shots front

2018 BMW i8 Exterior

The new i8 will get the same external styling, similar to that of its predecessor. However, it may experience some modifications in its frame, which will be prepared from frivolous materials to offer better performance and fuel economy. It should come equipped with a revised lowered suspension system and improved brake system. Other notable external modifications in the new vehicle are that it comes equipped with a carbon fiber reinforced polymers vented panel, eliminating the back windshield, found in the earlier model. Besides these improvements, the new BMW i8 2018 would come equipped with carbon fiber wheels, which are 25% more frivolous than those of its predecessor was equipped.

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2018 BMW i8 spy shots side

2018 BMW i8 Interior

The 2018 i8 is expected to come with minor tweaks in its interior styling, as well. This time, it comes equipped with a gesture-regulated infotainment system for the first time, which was debuted in the recently introduced BMW 7-Series. Additionally, it will get some minor mechanical and technological updates. Accordingly, this time, it will have a significantly heavier steering system when compared to that of the standard BMW i8, which was equipped with an excessively lighter system that offered somewhat an abnormal feeling.

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The new BMW i8 2018 is equipped with the same three-cylinder petrol-operated power plant with the same displacement of 1.5 liters. However, this powertrain will be finely tuned to offer a 10% power increase than that of its predecessor. This traditional power unit would offer its performance with a 10 kWh-capacity electric motor. As a result, the new i8 would get the combined power out of 420 horsepower, which is 58 horsepower more than that of the power output received by the earlier model. The new vehicle also comes equipped with an updated six-velocity automatic transmission.

2018 BMW i8 rear 3

These updates would make the new i8 faster than its predecessor, which attained the 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. However, the top speed of the new vehicle will be equal to that of the earlier model, which will be 155 mph. With these improvements, the fine-tuned hybrid engine allows the new i8 to cover more distance solely on electric power that that of its predecessor, which covered 15 miles. A new wireless charging system has also been introduced in the new i8 to charge the batteries.

2018 BMW i8 spy shots wheels

Base price and the date of release

The release date of 2018 BMW i8 is expected tone at showrooms during the final quarter of 2017, but the base price of the new vehicle has not yet confirmed by BMW.

2018 BMW i8 Spy Photos

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