2018 BMW M4 GT4 test mule

The 2018 BMW M4 GT4 is the race car version, produced by the one of leading automobile manufacturer in Germany, BMW. This is the redesigned version of the BMW M3 Gt4 model, which is a high-performance version in the 4 series vehicle lineup of BMW. The new model M4 GT4 has been constructed according to the regulations of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. Furthermore, it is expected to make its first appearance in 2018 to take part in the competition. New race coupe will be very much be aligned with its road-going equivalent, which is set to get some revisions shortly, to control the dependability and expenses. This is done with the intention of drawing the attention of wide target viewers. The new M4 GT4 is combination of two model, first is M235i and the bigger brother M6 GT3, goal is to pull the best from both models.

2018 BMW M4 GT4 render front

2018 BMW M4 GT4 Exterior

The next generation BMW M4 GT4 should be constructed with the exceptionally low center of gravity and sharp aerodynamic, similar to those found in the earlier model. Furthermore, most of the unbreakable carbon fiber plastic panels, such as the roof and the hood have been borrowed from the last year model. The new model race car is expected to come equipped with a fresh front splitter in front, new side skirts, back diffuser. Also, there is a brand new sports exhaust system, doors from carbon materials, and a back wing. Some of the other racing elements available include more efficient brake system, which has been taken from the larger M6 GT3 version, a sports pedal set, and the racing bucket seat.

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According to the automaker, the new model M4 GT4 has been developed to get the license for the World GT series competitions, which were held in Europe, Asia, and North America. The first competition is expected to be the Dubai contest that will be held during the month of January 2018.

2018 BMW M4 GT4 spy shots side

New BMW M4 GT4 2018 Interior

In order to meet with the most up-to-date FIA principle, the new race car is supposed to be equipped with a fused roll cage. Furthermore, 2018 BMW M4 GT4 needs to be equipped with a fire-extinguishing system on board. Excluding that, it is more or less open season for performance-improving upgrades. Therefore, BMW equips the interior of its 2018 M4 with the customary racing things that include bucket sp
orts seats with additional straps(6 by the rules) and racing steering wheels with shift paddles.

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The engine, as well as the electronics of the new BMW M4 GT4 2018, will be borrowed from M6 GT3. This means that the new racecar would come equipped with an inline-six power unit with double turbochargers with the capacity of 3.0 liters. This will offer the new vehicle the essential power of 425 ponies, which will be transmitted to the back wheels.

2018 BMW M4 GT4 spy shots rear 1

Date of release and the price

The release date of new BMW M4 GT4 2018 should be the last part of 2017, goal it to made it ready to arcing competition in the 2018. Price should be around $140,000. The major competitors of this new race car are expected to be the racecars from Chevrolet, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lotus, Porsche and some others.

2018 BMW M4 GT4 spy shots

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