2019 Toyota Supra should be ready for two years

Toyota Supra is well known and very famous model worldwide must admit that I am a fan also. Everyone who didn’t have enough funds for 911 or some other supercar, wanted this cheaper who had the pretty close performance to expensive “brothers”. It is one of the most tuned models in the whole World. So we can just imagine how much people want to see the newest Supra model on dealerships. This coupe is the perfect vehicle for you if you addicted to speed. According to gossip, the new 2019 Toyota Supra will be the first vehicle released by BMW’s and Toyota’s teamwork.
For last 25 and more years this model became one of the legends in the world of sports cars. From the year 2002, Supra was pulled from the market(we ask why?) and since then, drivers and fans of the model are guessing when the model will go out from the Japanese factory. Finally, that day is here, and according to Toyota, we can expect this model on dealerships by the end of 2018 as 2019 model.


New 2019 Toyota Supra Exterior

There is no so much official information about the appearance of this model and about the exterior features, but we have some spy photos and we will try to present you this model as best as we can. First road testing for the Supra model was scheduled for the September 7 and those people who were lucky to see this model are honored. According to photos, we can assume how this model will look like and which features will have.
So, we can start from the chassis of this model. Almost all newest vehicles and especially the supercars use the light materials for the chassis. The same should be with the all-new Toyota Supra 2019 as well. In order to improve car performance and top speed, the Toyota’s engineers will use lighter materials for chassis construction including aluminum and carbon fiber.

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The new platform will be borrowed from BMW Z5, thanks to the cooperation between Toyota and BMW. So many concept car photos previewed the possible exterior design of our model. For example, the previous Toyota concept cars were main assumptions of how the new Supra could look like. Today, according to rendering photos, the new model should definitely have a shape of the FT-1 concept which is quite a good thing because it’s looks amazing.
We can start from the front end of 2019 Toyota Supra. At the front, we can notice fantastic style nose inspired by 911. The grille of the model will be probably very similar to the grille of the Toyota gt86. Except for LED system for the headlights, we can expect covered headlights instead of naked ones. The side air intakes are hidden, but should be similar like with other supercars. On the rear side, instead of the pop-up spoiler we can expect a fixed wing like a trademark of previous versions.


New Toyota Supra 2019 Interior

The interior design of the newest 2019 Toyota Supra is still a mystery. One thing that is certain is that the cabin of this model is able of accommodating up to 2 passengers. Both seats inside the cabin will be very sporty, and it will probably have leather upholstery. In order to improve the cabin and to attract more customers, we can also expect some new and modern high-tech features. We also know that the center stack of this model will be similar to nowadays standard. Also, we expect slightly redesigned dashboard, better and friendly instrument cluster, sport steering wheels with gearbox shifter, air condition, cruise control, and so many others standard features. As soon as we get more information about the interior design we will update our review.


Posible Engine

The 2019 Toyota Supra engine is even mysterious than interior design. There were a lot of rumors and speculations over the year. Someone say that the new Supra will have turbo four-cylinders; others say that we can expect even V6 engine, but not V8. We heard and some information about hybrid powertrain(most likely). We just know that everything is possible.
The newest rumor is that the new model will be powered by the hybrid engine, in V-6 option with a max output of around 400 ponies.
If we believe in the cooperation between BMW and Toyota we got the conclusion that the V4 and V6 turbocharged engines are quite a possible option.


Price and Release date

The release date of this model will be by the end of 2018. The price is not yet announced, but we assume that the price will start from around $40.000 or $45.000.

2019 Toyota Supra spy shots

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