2018 Ferrari Dino on the street

The Ferrari Company is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to supercars and when someone mentions speed; the first thing that you think is Ferrari. So, speed is definitely equaled with Ferrari. The Dino model from Ferrari has a good history, and as we know this name is used for the Ferrari cars with smaller engines. Those units had less than 12 cylinders, designed from 1968 to 1976. Today, according to some speculations, the Ferrari Company will use this name again for a brand new V-6 sports car. This is excellent news for all Ferrari fans and we can expect this model on the market by the end of 2017. There are first spy photos of 2018 Ferrari Dino for you to see it, we will try to present you this model in the best way we can. Enjoy!


2018 Ferrari Dino Exterior design

According to some spy photos from the testing, the exterior design of upcoming model looks really nice. The front side of the vehicle is especially appealing and it looks so aggressive. Let’s move on some specific details from the front side. For example, the headlights will be something between L shape and boomerang shape. Also, the headlights are extremely thin and long, but so strong. Just like the every modern car, the new Dino will use LED technology for all the lights on the vehicle as well.

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Furthermore, we can expect some design cues from 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB. Also, the platform of this model will be made using lightweight materials which will help to improve overall performance and the top speed. This model will feature short overhangs, unique wheels and a sleek roofline than usual. At the rear side, we can notice incredible big air intakes incorporated into the massive rear bumper, and two exhaust pipes, like the old ones of this family.

2018 Ferrari Dino spy shots

2018 Ferrari Dino spy photos

New Ferrari Dino 2018 Interior design

The 2018 Ferrari Dino interior design of the most recent Dino model is still a mystery. We don’t have any official information about the cabin and the systems inside. Everything that we know is based on some rumors and speculations. It is for two passengers and its dashboard is pure leather wrapped with cozy sports seats. Considering the fact that we know the starting price of this model and considering the fact that this model won’t be drastically less expensive than the California T model we can definitely expect the same luxury features. So, we can definitely expect a lot of high-quality materials such as wood, Alcantara leather, carbon fiber and aluminum.

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All seats inside are wrapped in the leather of course. Furthermore, we can expect flat bottomed and leather covered steering wheel with gearbox shifter. Also, there is an aluminum on gas pedals and a beautiful horse over the steering wheel will make anyone fall in love at first sight. When it comes to high-tech features, we can expect new infotainment from Ferrari as well as the premium audio system. Also, it should get features like an iPod player, DVD player and also gadgets for navigation and security that only Ferrari could bring in for its customers.


Engine and Performance

The most recent Italian supercar will probably use upgraded version of the 3.0-liter V-6 that we used to see in Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. In the mentioned model, this engine has a max power output of 503 horsepower, but in Ferrari, we expect more power definitely. We expect the max power output of around 530-550 horses. The California T model has about 550 horses, but the new Dino will be definitely quicker when it comes to 0-60 acceleration. The 2018 Ferrari Dino model will go from zero to 60 mph below 4.0 seconds, with the maximum speed of 189 mph. It is much lighter than other with a better power-to-weight ratio. Dino is expected to have the best fuel economy out of all cars in Ferrari’s garage.


2018 Dino Price and Release date

As we mention in the introduction, the release date of the 2018 Ferrari Dino should be in the last three months of 2017. Speaking of prices, this model will have a starting price of around $200.000. It is expected to launch in competition to Audi R8 and McLaren P40. It would be cheaper as opposed to California T.

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Contrary to the great tourer, the Dino will be a luxurious sports car and the point about the return of its fabulous fuel economy will make it a much better not only for Ferrari lovers but also for sports car lovers.

New Ferrari Dino 2018 Spy Photos

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