2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept

The BladeGlider is an all-electric sports car of Nissan, the celebrated automobile manufacturer in Japan. The model was first introduced in the year 2013 after unveiling at the Motor Show held in Tokyo. It is an innovative concept coupe, which has seen many versions since its introduction. Nissan unveiled the redesigned model of this original BladeGlider for the model year 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, before the commencement of the 2016 Rio Olympics, with the name 2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept.


2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept Exterior

The Nissan BladeGlider Concept features a sophisticated chassis design with a broader backtrack and a slender front track for the best handling solidity and aerodynamic efficiency. The vehicle will be somewhat smaller than the Ford Focus with the body length of 172 inches. However, it is a bit broader than a family hatch with the width of 74 inches and its roofline will be 52 inches, which is shorter than the Ford Focus by 6.0 inches.

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The wheel comes equipped with a rotating controller, which is similar to that of the Mannetino from Ferrari, which can be operated in three driving modes, such as Reverse, Neutral, or a pair of driving modes. The automaker claims that the torque vectoring structure of the new concept vehicle can propel torque to the exterior wheel to avoid understeering in bends. This will come in three different settings that include off mode, nimble mode, and drift mode.

The curb weight of the 2016 model BladeGlider Concept will be 2860 pounds (1,300kg), which is more or less the same as that of the all-electric BMW i3 model.


Nissan BladeGlider Concept 2016 Interior

The 2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept is expected to come with a more realistic and a well-appointed cabin. However, it comes with the same fundamental three-seat design as that of its predecessor. Inside the cabin, the new concept comes equipped with more practical fabric seats when compared to those of the earlier model. There will be two types of color trims, such as Stealth Orange and Cyber Green, which are exercised for the upper parts of the seat back. The seats are bordered with a silver reflective fabric to generate a stunning, athletic look. The bottom of the seats will be in black, patterned fabric, with a group of orange and green trim, bordering the cushion.

2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept Interior

2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept Interior

The design of the dashboard will now be revised to merge four screens, such that one on each side of the fascia, one will be mounted on the steering wheel, and one in the center. The back-hinged dihedral doors of the new concept come with an elevated waist that offers its occupants a spectacular entry and exit to its cabin. It comes equipped with a strengthened open roof with an incorporated rollover safety system, offering the excitement of an open-topped race car with the protection of a coupe.

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The steering wheel comes mounted with a variety of controls that show the velocity, condition of the battery charge, torque map, and regeneration mode. The central display of the vehicle is surrounded by two screens, with the pictures of back view cameras installed just at the back the front wheels. The cabin also comes with sufficient legroom and the view for all inhabitants is panoramic because of the flawless cockpit windscreen.



The all-electric 2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept comes equipped with a next-gen powertrain, which is developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, the Didcot-based partner of Nissan for the project. It comes equipped with a pair of powerful electric motors with the capacity of 130kW. The motors will get power from a set of durable lithium-ion battery with the capacity of 220kW. Each motor will be positioned on each of the back wheels. It will have 268 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque.

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The Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell-operated concept that sprints on the bio-ethanol electric power has the capability to cover the maximum distance of 600 kilometers solely on electric power. It also gets better acceleration that makes it attain the velocity from 0-60 mph in 4,8 seconds and gets the top speed of 114 mph.


To conclude, two models of BladeGlider Concept will be unveiled such that one prototype is expected to be on the static show and the other model will be destined to offer an active ride to celebrities and the media. The 2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept will represent the upcoming technologies, which will mix ecologically affable impact, Intelligent Mobility, and sports-coupe driving abilities.


This unique car will not be on regular sale at least two more years(or tree). As for the price, nothing official yet, but, there is some rumors about $50,000 price tag, or below.

2016 Nissan BladeGlider Concept pictures

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