2018 Dodge Challenger ADR

The forthcoming model from Dodge named 2018 Dodge Challenger ADR will hit the dealerships most likely by the end of next year. However, this information is not officially confirmed by the Company. This is just our assumption considering the fact that this model is recently spied on the testing. According to spy photos, we can say that this model will be a wide beast! So, we know that this model will be a Hellcat-powered variant with a wide body. We have received some spy photos of the Challenger prototypes testing, and we can see a lot of its exterior design. According to photos, this model will look very similar to the Challenger SRT Hellcat model, and we can expect so many design cues borrowed from this model.

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR spy shots

2018 Dodge Challenger ADR Redesign

As we say, this model will be similar to the SRT Hellcat Challenger and we can see a lot of similarities with this model. For example, this prototype will have the identical hood scoop as the SRT model has. Also, some other features that will be very similar are rear spoiler construction, front fascia design, and the whole rear end. The mentioned front fascia will be so aggressive and there will be located tiny rounded headlights powered by the newest generation of LED technology. Under the grille, this model will feature massive bumper equipped with the air intakes and probably with the openings for foggy lights. At the pictures, we can’t see fog lights, however. At the sides, the newly 2018 Dodge Challenger ADR widebody will feature enormous tires. The tires will be so wide and powerful.

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When it comes to wheels, it will be most likely made from aluminum, but we don’t know its size yet. Also, the wheels will be finished in black color. Furthermore, this prototype will feature extra-wide rubber, which will be very similar to the one that we used to see on the Dodge Viper ACR model. The front and rear tires of this model will be different(current tires are Pirelli P Zero Nero). The rear tire will be most likely larger. However, we don’t know the exact size, but as you maybe know, the ACR model wears 295 mm / 11.6-inches tires at the front as well as 355 mm / 14-inches at the rear. Why do we mention this? Because the future Challenger ADR will most likely have similar size of the tires, maybe just a bit smaller.

Dodge Challenger ADR 2018 Interior design

The interior design is the segment that is very mysterious. There are no spy photos of the cabin, and we can present you the interior only according to some rumors and speculations. First of all, we have to say that the cabin will be most likely sporty inspired and that all seats in the cabin will be well shaped, bucket and covered with the standard leather upholstery. Also, 2018 Dodge Challenger ADR will most likely feature flat-bottomed steering wheel. When it comes to entertainment, there is no word about the infotainment system. However, we assume that the Doge will provide some system in order to improve the entertainment in the cabin. The modern air condition will be also most likely provided, and maybe we can expect aluminum pedals. As you can notice, unfortunately, everything about the cabin is “maybe”. We will update the interior paragraph as soon as we receive some new information.

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Engine and Performance

The resulting model will be most likely powered by an entry-level 3.6-liter V-6 engine as well as by a high-performance Hellcat supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 engine. The 3.6-liter engine will have all wheel drive while the powerful supercharged 6.2-liter engine will provide rear-wheel drive only. Some rumors suggest that the 6.2-liter engine of the 2018 Challenger ADR will be capable of delivering more than 707-horsepower which is amazing. This is all that we know about the engines. Even the information about the transmission system is not available.

Price and Release date

As we mention in the introduction, the release date of the new Dodge Challenger ADR 2018 will be sometime next year, probably in the second half. When it comes to prices, there is no information about that at this moment.

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New 2018 Dodge Challenger ADR spy photos

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