2017 Mazda RT24-P

The Japanese automaker Mazda is very popular Company, and they have plenty of vehicles in every segment. In the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show, Company releases the newest CX-5 SUV model. However, at that Auto Show, we saw one more very interesting thing. If you wonder what was more interesting than a remarkable CX-5 model, stay with us. So, as we say, something was more interesting and that something was a brand new race car. The word is about the recently developed model that will debut at IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The newly model is called 2017 Mazda RT24-P, and we can expect it on the track at the 2017 Rolex 24 at Daytona 24-hour race in January.

2017 Mazda RT24-P Exterior design

The exterior design of the model is definitely something that makes this model special. Unlike the previous race car, this one will be inspired by the company well known Kodo design language. As we mention in the introduction, the front side of this car will be very interesting. The front fascia will feature recognizable five-point grille that will have the same Mazda emblem in the middle as the production models. The headlights will be especially similar to the headlights of the latest CX-5 crossover. However, these headlights significantly thinner and it will be slightly swept-back. This is not official information, but we assume that all the lighting of this model will use the LED system.

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2017 Mazda RT24-P

The 2017 Mazda RT24-P will also feature low and sharp side pods fitted with big air intakes located below the doors. Compared to the previous race car, at the rear side, this model is not that radical. Also, it will be almost copy paste to the 2 years old Mazda LMP prototype. Some of the highlights at the rear side will include a big fin, wing with a simple design, but connected with the rear diffuser. Maybe the next information is a surprise for some people, but as we expected, the Company chose a flashy red color for the exterior design. The chassis will be new, and it is made by Riley Technologies and Multimatic. It will use extremely light materials, and the result is a real fast car.

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Mazda RT24-P 2017 Interior design

From the inside, the cabin will be designed in order to improve sporty feeling, and above all security of the driver. However, Mazda didn’t announce photos of the cabin, but as we know, that is the case with almost every prototype race car. We have one photo from the driver side door, but we can’t see so much from that photo, maybe just steering wheel with multi functions. Despite the fact that we don’t have photos, it is certain that the cabin will remain pretty much the same as in the previous race model from Mazda. The dashboard of this car will be very simple and we can’t see any car-like elements here. Everything is race based, and some car elements would be excessive. Some of the other highlights from the inside will include lightweight door panels, bolstered driver’s seat as well as stripped out the floor.

Engine and Performance

As we know, after a few seasons of racing gasoline-powered prototypes, Mazda introduce the new engine based on the 2.2-liter SkyActiv-D that we used to see on the production models. That didn’t go as good as they expected, and they returned 2.0-liter four-pot. So, the most recent model will use the same MZ-2.0T engine that we used to see in the last year’s Mazda Prototype racer. It will be designed in cooperation with Advanced Engine Research. This 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine will have a capability of generating up to approximately 600 horsepower. Unfortunately, this is all that we know about the engine because Mazda didn’t announce some details. Of course, Mazda RT24-P 2017 engine will most likely receive some minor tweaks compared to the previous engine.

Price and Release date

As we wrote in the introduction, this model will debut in January 2017. We will be able to see it Daytona 24-hour race. Considering the fact that this is a racing car, there is no information about the price. This model will compete against eight other.

2017 Mazda RT24-P pictures

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