2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge

When someone says Ferrari, the first thing that comes to our minds is probably speed. Yes, all models from Ferrari are very fast. However, one more thing that comes to our minds is a red color. Almost all models from Ferrari are red colored. In the last sentence, the ‘almost’ word is a keyword. Why is that so? Because of the new model from Italian manufacturer, named 2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge will yellow. The forthcoming model will be the recently developed race car from Ferrari. It is improved version of the 488 GTB, and it is prepared for racing in the Ferrari Challenge series – 2017 season. The Company introduces this fantastic vehicle about a week ago. This model will be the sixth car that will participate in the series. As we know, next year, the series celebrates its 25th anniversary. Also, this model is the first turbocharged vehicle in the series. It will replace the well-known 458 Challenge Evoluzione that started the series back in 2014 and was the most powerful race car.

2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge

2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge Exterior design

The exterior design of the most recent model will be very similar to the exterior of 488 GTB. This model will be an actually beefed-up variant of the regular road car. The front side of new 2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge will be the prettiest part of the car. At the front side, there are a couple of redesigned features. For example, the front radiator layout will be revised. Thanks to that fact, we can expect improved air flow over the radiators.

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The bumper at the front side will also receive some slight modifications in a sight of new vents. This will be very useful for engine cooling and consequently for the overall performance of the vehicle. We can expect the addition of winglets, located at the sides on the splitter. This addition will be very useful when it comes to the aerodynamics of the model. The hood of this model will be also a brand new with a triple vent design with flaps. Some of the other exterior features will be aggressive side skirts, large aluminum wheels, massive carbon-fiber wing, and many others as well.

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Ferrari 488 Challenge 2017 Interior design

The interior design of the newest model will be definitely unique. It will be different compared to the sports model it is based on. We can’t see any element that will use the production model. As we know, the race-based cars almost always borrow some styling cues from the models they are based on, but on this case, that is not the case. This model will have a huge panel instead of a stylish center stack. This huge panel will have so many buttons, knobs for the A/C, the master ignition, windshield wiper. Above this center stack, we can notice small LCD display that will provide pictures from the camera, as well as a lot of pieces of information about the car. All new Ferrari 488 2017 seats will have leather upholstery, and the steering wheel will be the newly one. Also, the steering wheel will be covered with Alcantara. Aluminum pedals will be also provided, as well as a lot of aluminum and carbon fiber materials.

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2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge interior

Engine and Performance

Beneath the hood, the most recent model will be powered by a turbocharged, 3.9-liter V-8 engine. This 2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge engine will be capable of generating up to 660 hp and torque of 560 pf-ft. We can expect a lot of upgraded drivetrain components in order to make this model ready for the intense track. For example, we can expect specific engine mapping. Also, there is Slip Control software(with traction control and E-Diff3) that helps in vehicle dynamics, traction, acceleration and cornering. It will be constructed for improved racing performance. From 0-60 mph, it should run below 3.0 seconds, with the max speed of 205 mph. The drivetrain of this model will be also lighter. Unfortunately, this is all that we know about this segment. As soon as we receive some new information, we will update this review.

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Price and Release date

This model will be as we already say released for the Ferrari Challenge one-make racing series next year. This model will cost around $320.000.

2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge photos

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