2018 McLaren 720S / P14 spied

The McLaren model with the name 650S was introduced back in 2014, and now we have some great news about the newly model that will replace the current one. Despite the fact that the 650S model was with us only 3 years, we can expect its replacement very soon. The newly model will have a name 2018 McLaren 720S (P14), and it will be a model for 2018. A few days ago, we had some spy photos of this model with the camo. However, now we’ve received more spied pictures of this vehicle, but with one difference. On the newly photos, this model isn’t camouflaged and that is certainly great news. That also means that we can expect its arrival on the dealerships very soon. As we know, this model will be almost certainly revealed at the Geneva Auto Show, in this March. This model already had a preview, and all auto journalist take a pic.

2018 McLaren 720S Exterior design

As we already wrote, the latest 720S will be the replacement for the well known 650S model. Just like the every new model, and this one will receive some slight redesign from the outside. First of all, according to one photo that we have, this model will have Volcano Orange exterior color. As we know, this exterior colors was optional for the 650S. Also, we can notice that the brake calipers are finished in the Volcano Orange. We have only one photo, but that angle is quite a band and we can’t see so many details. The picture is from the profile side, and it is hard to have how the front fascia looks.

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However, when we look camouflaged model and this model without camo, we can see some details. First of all, we can notice that some parts like for example headlights, the roof, side mirrors, part of the front fenders and the rear fascia will feature a combination of carbon fiber material and black color. Actually, this model will most likely utilize a new carbon fiber structure that will be called Monocage 2. What does the new structure mean? That means that the newest generation of this vehicle will provide weight saving, but also improved rigidity and stiffness. We can also expect wider cabin entrance as well as lower door sill. This model will also benefit from the enhanced aerodynamics. We can expect aerodynamic efficiency more than double than in the previous 650S model.

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2018 McLaren 720S frame from carbon fiber

Also, the downforce will be better for 50%., which means that we can expect better grip and stability. Also, thanks to the newly developed separate vents in the door structure, the cooling efficiency of this model will be 15% better than in the previous model. Just look at those wheels at the sides. We don’t know its size, but we can see how big they are. If we have to assume the size of the wheels, we would say around 22 inches. Also, the design of the McLaren 720S 2018 wheels is perfect, and if our eye is good, we think that those are 10-spoke aluminum wheels. At this point, there is no information about the system for the headlights. We also know that the rear wing will have air brake function, like some other supercars, during hard cornering. Compared to the previous 650S model, this one will be lighter for around 18 kilograms. More precisely, its weight will be 1,283 kilograms (2,828 pounds).

Interior design

Unfortunately, we don’t have the information about the interior design. Also, there are no spy photos, and as soon as we receive some official pieces of information, we will update this review and let you know. What we can assume is that there is going to be an F1 inspired steering wheel with the gearbox shifter on it.

2018 McLaren 720S interior

2018 McLaren 720S Engine and Performance

Underneath the hood, the most recent model will be powered by a newly developed twin-turbo V8 4.0-liter engine. As you maybe know, in the previous model we had 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, and this newly engine is its replacement. What are you think, what means 750S? Yes, you are right, that means that the new McLaren 720S 2018 engine will be capable of generating up to 720-metric-horsepower output or regular 710 horses. We don’t have official pieces of information about the transmission, but we assume that we can expect the same a seven-speed dual clutch automatic system as in the previous 650S. When it comes to acceleration, from 0-60 mph it goes in less than 3 seconds, with the maximum speed of 341km/h or 212mph. This supercar can stop very fast, from 124 mph to 0 mph, it stops in 4,6 seconds, and only use 117 m for that. Fuel consumption, combined is 10, 7 l/100 km / 26.4 mpg.

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Price and Release date

This model will make its debut at the Geneva Auto Show this March. However, we can expect its arrival on the dealerships a few months after that. When we talk about the prices, the previous 650S had a starting price of around $350.000, while there is still no information about this one.

2018 McLaren 720S photos, official:

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