Tesla Model 3 Alpha Prototype

In the last few years, the Tesla Company became one of the best companies in the world, Morgan Stanley says: “the world’s most important car company”. Now they have a lot of excellent models, and every model is special in some way. Every model has great systems and powertrains. Today, we will talk about the Tesla Model 3. We’ve received some spy photos of the alpha prototype, and we will try to present you this vehicle in the best way as we can. That testing was near Tesla’s Design Center a few days ago. In the next couple of sentences, you can learn something more about the future Tesla Model 3 Alpha Prototype; we heard that the Company goal is to produce 300 prototypes for testing in various conditions.

Tesla Model 3 Alpha Prototype Exterior design

According to photos, the exterior design of the recently developed vehicle will be similar to the prototype unveiled in March 2016. When it comes to some specific details, we don’t know so many and reliable things at this point. What is certain is that this vehicle has the silver paint and red brake calipers, and if you remember, the last prototype unveiled in March 2016 has exactly the same paint and brake calipers. Also, the newly vehicle will have a similar license to the one seen in the last prototype. Furthermore, this model will most likely use the same aluminum wheels with a 10-spoke design. At this point, we don’t know its size. Also, everything else about this model is based on the rumors. As soon as Company reveals some newly and fresh information about some specific details from the outside, we will let you know and we will update this review.

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2018 Tesla Model 3 Prototype

2018 Tesla Model 3 Alpha Interior design

The interior design of this model is also pretty mysterious and this moment. Certain thing is that this vehicle will be capable of accommodating up to five passengers, and that will provide a high dose of comfort to all of them. Also, the leather will be almost certainly standard upholstery material for the seats and for the steering wheel. When it comes to some technologies inside, we can definitely expect a lot of features, big horizontal screen, connectivity options, and safety systems…
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Engine and Performance

The approaching new Tesla Model 3 Prototype will most likely provide 100 kWh battery pack as well as dual-motor powertrain. According to Company, this model will accelerate from 0-60 mph in the range from 5.7-5.9 seconds. However, the performance-oriented dual-motor option can hit 60 mph in just 4 seconds. This model should provide 215 miles range from the base battery pack. Tesla also said that the 100 kWh is not doable for a rather plain. Why? Because of the short wheelbase (it is too short compared to the Tesla Model S).

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Price and Release date

When it comes to releasing date, this model is already presented and we can expect the beginning of its production in July 2017. Speaking of prices, we, unfortunately, don’t have pieces of information about that. However, curent Model 3 is aroud $35,000, the latest one shouldn’t be in the similar price range.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Alpha Pictures

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